Monday, May 11, 2009

Meals on Wheels

I decided to get my friend Nikki out of her house. She's been in casts and a wheel chair for the last 5 weeks due to bunion surgery on both feet at the same time. I would not suggest this. Learn to walk on you hands really fast and for really long before you even consider going with the double whammy foot surgery.

Anyway, we went downtown to take some pictures and get some mental exercise. The weather was more or less perfect - Denver springs are pretty sick. Come and visit if you wish! I can never tell how exciting downtown is...they have the ball park and the Pepsi center is too far either and the Denver Nuggets are doing well in the NBA playoffs so there was plenty of sports spirit going on. I decided that downtown Denver does not have enough flashing neon signs. I was hoping to get some sweet pics of lights and make them into triptics or quadriptics, but no luck.

BOWL!! Sometimes BO - sometimes BOW, but never OWL and definitely never BLOW

Looking to the future again! Or looking like the future.

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Shiu Pei Luu said...

hahaha did you get your eyes dilated before this photo?! You're crazy :)